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Two-Minutes with TheTawny

Welcome to my Two-Minute guided meditation!  If you are stressed, in pain or otherwise preoccupied with your day to day life, this quickie exercise is for you.  I know my pain is making it a challenge to do longer forms of meditation, so I have been sending my painful areas healing energy throughout the day while being mindful of my breathing.  I want to share it with you, so let me know what you think and if it was helpful for you.


Fear Reflected

In my fear series, I talked about working cooperatively with fear.  To do this, when fear comes knocking on our door, I suggested we invite her inside for coffee or tea.  While having tea, I suggested we seek to better understand what fear has to tell us.

Working on my Tea Time with Fear guided imagery exercise for my blog provided me with a better understanding of the first time I met with fear.

Lately, fear has been knocking on my door quite frequently.  I believed I understood her.  I believed I knew why she was here.  Until today.  After all, I am the one who keeps suggesting we all work cooperatively with her.

Like the fears I shared with you when I wrote Lessons from the Pump, my current fear is rational.  I have reminded myself of the Fear Series. I am reminding myself how I came to the understanding that fear was here to help shed some light on my journey.

I am reminding myself that things go more smoothly when I surrender to what is, rather than resisting or fighting the is-ness.  I am reminding myself that I cannot lose the lessons I have learned throughout my journey with this illness.  Most of these lessons I have shared here in my blog, and just finished writing about in my manuscript.

Fear is my guest, and I have continued to be a gracious host and not a hostile one (most of the time, anyway).

This morning, I reminded myself that things can never be as bad as they once were.  I even wrote this on my bathroom mirror in red (honestly, it was the only dry erase marker I could find in the house).  I know this is true, but I do find reminders helpful.

My bathroom mirror!

This evening, as I washed my face and looked at these words written on my mirror, I asked again what possible purpose fear could be serving still here as my house guest.  Seriously, how much tea do we have to drink?!

My answer came in the form of a question:  What if fear is here to remind you of your strength?

Is that powerful to anyone else or is it just me?

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