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ReNEWal: My Theme for 2015

Happy 2015!  Ready or not, we are in a brand new year, full of wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and test our limits!

I am really excited to be heading into 2015!  I usually share my theme for the upcoming year sooner than January 2nd, but I honestly had some trouble honing in on just one theme.

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to theme 2015 ReNEWal.

I am as excited for the new, as I am refreshing the existing parts of my world.

Unlike last year, I don’t anticipate much major drama or trauma, with the exception of my Dukie turning 14.  So far he seems to be holding his own, so I don’t even want to throw that out there.

As the calendar turned, I have been putting fresh paint on my walls, purging old things, repurposing things and switching as much around as my living space allows.

I feel renewed, hopeful, refreshed and absolutely ready to rock the year 2015!

Did you theme your new year?  Did you create a vision board, or set goals for 2015?


#2 Creating a better 2015

2015 2

What does it take to create a New Year that is better than the last?  In my last post, I gave you the first of the three questions I propose can help you to do just that.  It was “If there was one thing you could change from 2014, what would it be and why?”

Here is the second one:

What stopped you from meeting a goal you set for yourself in 2014 that remains a goal for 2015?

Again, this is a loaded question!  What are three barriers that were in your way for meeting that goal?  Were these barriers within your control or were external factors at play?  Was it really a realistic goal? What overall toll did not meeting your goal take on your confidence in completing it in the coming year? For example, if you said you wanted to lose weight in 2014 but didn’t and still want to, consider that losing weight is not a goal, but the result of several goals.  Did you have an exercise goal or healthy eating goal?  How can you restate the goal so that it is more realistic and more achievable for 2015?

I will give you an example:

The goal I didn’t meet in 2014 was to completely finish and self publish my book.  I allowed distractions to prevent me from accomplishing that, although I did make progress toward the goal.  The distractions seemed to provide me with some great learning opportunities and were still enriching just the same.  I have one last chapter to redo before getting the back cover and formatting for Amazon done.  I will likely break those goals into smaller, more doable steps for 2015.

Feel free to share!  Stay tuned for #3!

Simplicity in 2014

Simplicity 2014

I am not sure what 2014 has in store.  I think the first half of the year will look quite different from the second half.  I have some writing goals, some employment goals, and some physical therapy/health and wellness goals.

My 2014 canvas is nearly blank and my palette is full of wonderful colors to create whatever I would like to see in my year ahead.  It is exciting really.  Perhaps I am delusional, but I really am hopeful that with the end of things brings an amazing potential for so much more.  Of course, that is only if I don’t resist the change.

My challenge will be better balancing my physical needs with the other exciting opportunities that will present themselves.  I can do that by being present and in tune with those needs.  I tend to mix up my needs with the needs of others quite easily when I am not present.

Writing will help to keep me grounded, focused and present.  I want to see my book finished, and to complete another writing project I started late in 2012 that lost its momentum in 2013 because of my health issues.

I do not plan to paint in more health drama onto my 2014 canvas, and foresee all of that leveling out by the spring, so that I have a good idea of how to manage my PLS symptoms and residual nerve pain from the pump traumas.

There very well could be doggie drama and a health care crisis, although I do not plan to create excess drama around these issues.

We are starting the year off relatively stable between the three of us with our respective health issues.

I certainly couldn’t have predicted the decisions I made in 2013, but I have no regrets.  Each decision brought me to the opportunities that lie ahead.

My theme for 2014 is Simplicity.  No matter what happens, no matter how convoluted it might seem or feel, I have every confidence that it can be simplified and dealt with effectively along the way.

This theme also reminds me to lighten up and to remember what is really most important in this life.  It reminds me that looking for solutions is a far better use of energy and brain space than worrying about the what if scenarios.

My 2014 canvas might have some splatters and spills, but it will be beautiful because it will be full of love and gratitude.  It will have a life lived as fully and as presently as possible.

Did you theme your year?  What will your 2014 painting reveal about your year?

Moving Forward Disclaimer

I am as big a fan of moving forward as the next guy, but I feel like there should be a disclaimer.  I have never moved all the way forward unless I have figured out a way to process and let go of whatever it is I am moving forward from.

Even then, I have found that, years later, I am doing the processing and letting go again, but on a different level.

We are the sum total of all of our experiences.  There really isn’t a complete purging system to erase an experience from our lives—unless we have a brain injury or dementia process that affects our memory systems.

Each time we move forward, we are choosing to shift our perspective of whatever it was that has propelled us forward in the first place.  If it is a relationship, for example, then we take what we learned about ourselves through that relationship, process our part of its end, and move on.

Let’s say we move on to the next relationship (or job, or whatever).  Have we erased all of our previous relationships by doing so?  Of course not.

If we have processed and truly moved forward, then we take all that we have learned from our previous relationships into the new one.  If we have moved forward without processing, shifting perspective, and letting, go then we may just bring all the icky into that relationship too.

The icky is any behavioral pattern that we have developed over the years.  For example, in many of my previous jobs, it was important to me that I get the approval of my boss.  In my twenties, I needed that validation and approval to feel ok, so I tended to be a workaholic as a result.

I took this ick into my thirties, but before I started showing symptoms of my illness, I realized that my workaholism was also driven by my need to save my clients and help them ways I couldn’t in my past efforts to save my mom.  It was the same ick, but on a different level.  See how that works?

How do you know if you have truly moved forward into your next experience?  I think you know when you get there.  If there is icky showing up, then somewhere along the way, we may have skipped a step or two.

disclaimer moving forward

I have cheated the process plenty of times, but it always catches up to me somewhere along the line.  The icky comes out and I am never quite sure where it has come from at first.  I have even run far away from the icky without trying to figure it out.  It still catches back up and shows itself until I take a look at it.

My hope is to take as little ick as possible into the New Year ahead.  I do this every year, and every year, I have an unrealistic expectation of leaving the ick behind.  This time, I am trying something different. I expect to be processing something again on a different level, and I welcome some ick as I move forward.

Out of balance, already?

The mythical seagull out of balance

The mythical seagull out of balance (Photo credit: fisserman)

Wow!  We are over halfway through the first month of 2013.  I realized earlier this week that I had not yet themed the year.  Did you set the tone and theme for your 2013 yet?

In more recent years, I have known the theme long before midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Not this year.  In fact, I have considered several themes and have dismissed them as inadequate.

Today, I decided I would need a new way of thinking about it.  I decided that I would theme each month instead.  Since January is nearly over, it almost seems a bit moot to name it.  Except that I don’t think it is.  😉

I do know that I do not want February to look like January in many respects.  January’s bottom line will be taking a step back to evaluate and re-evaluate my commitments.

I am out of balance and tired.  Those two things make my pain levels worse and since I am still cooperating with my pain, I need to pay closer attention and make whatever changes I need to make.  Besides these things, February needs to include my book, and the process toward getting it published, and I need the time and energy to do that.

As of five minutes ago, January’s theme is re-evaluation.

How often do you take this step back to see whether things you are doing in your life are working?  I do it often enough, but this time feels different.  Everything I am doing for work right now, I am enjoying.  Everything outside of work that I am doing (which isn’t much because of pain) I am also enjoying doing.

My approach to re-evaluating also has to be different.  The questions I ask myself will have a slightly different feel to them as well.  Instead of simply asking whether an activity serves me or is healthy for me, I will now have to ask several questions.

  1. Is this activity something I feel passionately about or is it an enjoyable activity?
  2. Is this activity causing significant increase in my pain levels right now?
  3. Is there an equal trade-off financially, emotionally, or otherwise to continuing this activity in the short-term, no matter what the answers to the first two questions are?

Something else that is different about this evaluative process is that whatever I decide to change will be flexible.  I will revisit whatever decision I arrive at again in a month to see if anything is different (pain, for example).

I am curious about what other questions you think I should ask myself as I re-evaluate my time commitments.  Are there specific things you ask yourself when you do it?

The Tawny’s Top 10 List–Reader’s Choice

New Years's Eve Fireworks

New Years’s Eve Fireworks (Photo credit: c r i s)

Happy last day of 2012 to you! I am looking forward to sharing the lessons along the way that 2013 has to offer. Before we cross over from 2012, I want to share my top 10 viewed blogs from 2011 and 2012.

If you missed these, and want a snap shot of what The Tawny’s blog is all about, then this is the post for you.

In 2012, I shared a lot with you because I learned a lot. The most memorable posts for me included my Fear Series, which did not make the top five. If you are interested in moving away from fear in your life, I encourage you to check out this series. You can find it over to the right in the sidebar.

Here are the top 5 viewed posts in 2012:

1.  When I See You, I See Me  from November 2012
2.  Claiming Personal Power from March 2012
3.  Rewriting the Latest Story from March 2012
4.  It’s ALL Arbitrary from November 2012
5.  Feeling Boxed In? from April 2012

As you know if you follow my blog, 2011 was a challenging year. It would seem that the theme for 2011 was surrender and gratitude and you can see this reflected in the top five viewed posts below. My all-time favorite post remains You are My Star.  Here are the top five:

1.  Still Surrendering from December 2011
2.  You are My Star from June 2011
3.  I Consciously Surrender from March 2011
4.  If you only had 2 hours from July 2011
5.  Breaking Point? from October 2011

Each of my posts has significance to me or I would not have shared them with you. Thank you for continuing to read my blog!  What are your favorites so far? Do you have a top five? I would love to hear how a post has continued to affect your journey!

Onward to 2013 where more lessons and growth awaits us!

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