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Rara Favor Day…

The inspiration behind The Tawny making it 18 days in a row blogging has asked for a favor today.

It’s fortunate for me that it is a very simple request, since I was feeling a bit less than eager to post anything much tonight.  So I have collected some things for her that I will also share with you!  Happy 18th!




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No matter what…

never stop tryingtea bag love


Remember this…

Simply BreatheAnd really…you are loved!

Ok Monday


…wait for it…

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Sometimes I feel like a contractor building a demolished house from scratch.  Engineers and architects are being consulted, land surveys are being completed, plans are being designed and redesigned, and permits being applied for—all long before the first footer is ever poured.

By the time the foundation is laid, it seems that an inordinate amount of time has elapsed.  This house is taking forever to build!

Over the years with illness, I have grown more accustomed to being friendly with patience.  Nothing in the world of illness happens all that quickly.

I haven’t always been so patient with my planning and desire for immediate results.  In my 20’s, I would want the house built the day after the plans were approved.  I would have been ready to paint and lay the flooring day two and ready to move in before a week was out.  I spent much of my life getting way too far ahead of myself.

Now I don’t mind making sure the foundation is laid properly, so that the house will stand–long after I no longer live there.  The structure and grounding is more important to me than the décor, and the time it has taken to make that solid will be well worth it.

As long as there is forward progress in the construction of it all, I am satisfied with where things are.  For nearly seven years, the foundation has been in progress.  Now the process of truly rebuilding something  has begun.

The first part of the process—the minutia and the details—have been wonderful opportunities to develop a solid hold on what it is that is going to be built.  Even that can be amended by the architect throughout the process, but the commitment to build here, upon a more solid foundation, has been made.

While I have no idea anymore just how the end result will look, I know it can be legendary!

Where’s the Inspiration?

In the spirit of doing my best to roll with it this week, I decided to bring back a few of my previously posted photographs.  I started out the day rolling with it, but was thwarted by the first small bump in the road I encountered yesterday.


The turtle is here to remind me that with every challenge, there are many more opportunities.  I often cannot see them because my focus is on the challenge or the obstacle.


Along the same lines is one of my many favorite sunset photos, which is making a comeback today to remind me that all endings are really beginnings.


Last, but hardly least, is a water photo to help bring my focus back to gratitude…

Summing It Sunday #18

Sum Up #18

Saying no, pretty much defines the past week. Spasticity pretty much defines it too.

Part of me is fascinated by what the weather and what my activity level does to the overall tightness in my body. Another part of me is frustrated by the same.  After all, it has been a while since I have had untreated spasticity.

I mentioned in a post this past week about the weather being delightful this time of year in Florida. Unfortunately, that also means that getting into an outdoor pool, whether he heated or not, is not an option to help with the spasticity.

The only way I have ever been able to rehabilitate and treat spasticity in my upper body has been the pool (except for the baclofen pump of course). So I need to be figuring something out.  I spent some time brain storming with a friend yesterday, and will continue to try to come up with a plan (because that is what I do).

Only three weeks into healing for the main wrist injury, I have several more to go. Hopefully that comes with or without the setback. The weeks ahead will look much like last week in terms of needing to say  no.

The dogs and I are finally starting to establish a morning routine on our own, in spite of that, which feels good. Even if everything else is wonky, being able to take care of the dogs and having some semblance of normal to start a day helps with my sanity.

Being patient with my wrists, and problem solving ways to manage spasticity through the winter months, will be on the top of my list this coming week.

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