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The Gift

Pure Presence

As I was driving home today, I realized just how many relatively small interactions with others had such a profound impact on me.  My mind was replaying them much like a scrambled movie or an out-of-order slide show.

Some interactions were good for a laugh, some were heavy and intense, some were neutral, some were sad, some were happy…

Again today, I was out and about around HEP’s campus doing one thing or another, so I had the opportunity to interact with many people.  Each of those interactions, no matter the impact, came rushing back through my mind as I drove myself home in the rain.

Ironically, the bulk of my day was spent at my desk working on behind the scenes sorts of things like policies or forms.

I wonder how many days I have similar interactions and am not as aware or as conscious of them or the impact that have on me as a human.  I felt every interaction today.  I wonder just how often I might have a casual encounter with someone who may very well be as impactful for them as it is for me.

The presence of mind to notice today was my present.  It was nice simply to notice just how much power human connections hold.

Were you conscious in your interactions with others today?  Did you notice how you felt with each one?

It is day 19 and I nearly forgot because I was replaying my day when I got home!



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