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Perspective and the Detour

There are very few things in this life that change everything.  Examples might be loss, major life changes, total eclipses, gratitude, humility…

Perspective however seems to need at least two of the above examples.  And it sure changes everything.

Life changes when there is a detour on what you originally perceive as your path.  This path you have so carefully mapped out, perhaps sometime in your late teens or early twenties, or the path you have planned after that one didn’t work out.

That detour can bring chaos of unparalleled proportions.

That detour can bring perspective of unparalleled proportions.

The shift in consciousness of which you are left after the detour is not something you can hit the reverse button on a remote control.  In fact, that shift requires you move forward with a courage and boldness that you have never known.

If you have made it to this point in life where you recognize you are following the detour signs, I am proud of you.  If you have driven passed those big orange road signs and find yourself continually re-routed to somewhere else, keep your seat belt on.

You are on your way to something that your life has waited for…at a level you aren’t even sure exists until you reach the other side of the detour.

But you know when you get there.  It is like the surprise party that you wished you hadn’t been the person who is at the center of attention.  And then you have to figure out how and what to do with it.

Often we miss that surprise party, so the ah ha is more like an uh oh.  Other times, we are changed forever.

When we have perspective for what our true purpose here is, we cannot possibly use a remote control or GPS to re-route.

The title of my book is Detour.  It certainly was a detour that I could not have predicted nor could I have imagined being able to follow the signs to the other side.  I found my way and my perspective was changed forever.  I could not have predicted the good that would come out of it or the position it would place me to make quite the same difference in the lives of others that it did.

Now, the story of my Detour 15 years ago is out, in print.  Now my story hopes to be able to make a small difference in the lives of everyone struggling to figure out what the detour in their life may mean to them.


The Power of Words

WORDS have power

I have written several posts lately, but have not posted them.  It is funny to me really.  It isn’t because I think they are bad or because I am not happy with them.  I simply decided not to post them.

Instead, I have decided to share what I learned from writing them and choosing not to post them.

Words have a lot of power.  Words have the power to lift us up, drag us down and all variations in between.  They have the energy and power to heal, and at the same time, I have come to realize, that sometimes words can be a bit empty and have harmful energy too.

With selfish or ill intentions, or no actions behind them, they are simply a bunch of letters strung together into words, put into some order that makes a sentence or three.

For me, words have great meaning and power.  I don’t often say or write something that I don’t mean and don’t often share things that I am doing unless I am doing them.  Stringing words together into meaningful sentences is almost a spiritual practice for me.  I cannot expect that is the case for anyone else.

What I have learned is that this is my personal practice and my belief system about the practice, but not necessarily anyone else’s.  It’s ok that it isn’t.  It’s ok if it is.  What matters to me is what I do with my words.

My goal with my words is to pay forward what I am learning from my experiences with chronic illness and life in general.  Someone out there in cyber land may find my words helpful, inspirational, or relatable.  The intention is to share the lessons in order to help someone else or offer hope.

The lesson for me in the not posting was somewhat liberating.  I am only responsible for what I say, what I do, and how I choose to be in this life.  While I may have known that already on some level, sometimes in my efforts to help others, I accidentally make myself responsible for them too. Fortunately, I am not!  Shew!  I feel like I have my hands full already with just my own!



I sat with an open laptop on several occasions yesterday, but there were no words coming up on my screen.  I certainly feel like I have a lot to say, and have a lot of words roaming around inside my head, but there were no words to put on the page.

I looked at the Daily Prompt and the Weekly Writing Challenge, but those didn’t seem to inspire me.

Instead of forcing it, I opted not to post anything yesterday.

Later in the evening, as thoughts were swirling around in my head, I understood why there were no words on the page.

There simply are things that I am unable to share.  Not because I don’t want to, but because it isn’t all about me.  I am censoring, and when I censor, I may as well put all writing aside until I don’t have to censor anymore because the words won’t come freely.

It is interesting to reflect on my writing processes over the years.  It is exactly when the censoring starts in any area of my life, that I am sapped of my inspiration.  It is as if the censoring itself zaps my energy, and I have no words.  Even my journaling stopped during those times.

That, in and of itself, sends me a message about the nature of my censoring.  If I am unable to write about it or anything else because of it, then I guess that tells me something.

Most bloggers censor.  I probably censor some without really being aware of it, although my goal is to be as transparent as possible.  I think when I am censoring on purpose because it is not appropriate to share my thoughts and feelings about something, I should probably take a look at that.

How much censoring does it take before you zap your creative energy?  How much do you censor your words when you write?  Do you force write anyway when the words don’t flow freely?

The Sporadic Blogger is No More

My posts have been more sporadic lately and for that I apologize.  I miss the regular posting with a regular time.

It seems that the Christmas Flu has been followed by a New Year’s cold, so I am especially challenged to manage my time between medical appointments, family things, veterinarian appointments, work, etc.

I also haven’t felt particularly inspired in recent weeks, and I am not sure if that is a result of a medication increase, not feeling all that well, having so much on my plate, or what.  It is possible that I am simply starting to settle in and figure out how to manage the changes since the pump removal.

My focus and energy is really just getting through my days as happily as possible.  I am trying to get my daily chores done, work, and keep moving forward with other tasks.

It is fascinating how much more tired I am with just an hour or so of time spent doing something requiring movement of my body.  Not quite fascinating enough to inspire, but fascinating enough to make note of it.

I will continue to write whatever inspires me to write and to share that here with you.  I think I also want to do a bit more with the blogging community’s prompts since I am finding myself at a loss for inspiration.

Daily writing for me is part of my self-care.  It is important for my emotional well-being, so I want to continue to do it.  For me, it is as important as any medication I take.  I just wanted to give you a head’s up that it might look a bit different than it has in recent months.


I used to only be able to write words with flow when I had a pen and paper. If I didn’t have a pen and paper, no words would come. In recent years, the keyboard has replaced my pen and paper. I have found that I can actually type faster than I could write words out on a piece of paper.

Dictating into a recorder never worked for me back when hand-held recorders were the thing. I seem to be able to develop a more cohesive piece through some process with my hands. I believe I have shared the research related to that in a previous blog.

For a couple of weeks now, I have been using voice-activated software to write. I have to tell you, it isn’t coming out all that easily.

In my mind, I am composing blogs like crazy. In my mind’s eye, I am typing them.

When I go to put it into writing, I’m not typing. I’m not writing with a pen and paper. I am talking. I am talking out loud. Until now, the only times I have done that successfully was when I have taught college courses live, done workshops, or speaking engagements.

I don’t really write like I talk. Well, I do, but I don’t. I have certainly never used anything I have scripted for myself.

Even when I talk to myself around the house, it is different than if I were writing everything down.

It is getting a little easier, as time goes on, and I’m having to talk out loud instead using my hands in this process.

I share all of this because I appreciate your patience with my process. I am aware that what you’re reading the past couple of weeks is a little different than what you’ve read prior. Or at least it feels different to me.

When I woke up the other morning, my right hand was feeling pretty good, so I took the opportunity to use it to type out a blog. I would guess, if you are a regular reader, that you can pick out the blog from the others.

Anyone have any guesses as to which blog in the past week it was?  Anyone notice any difference? Anyone else out there talking instead of typing?

Blogger’s Prerogative

I had a blog for you today, but in the wee hours of a sleepless morning, I decided I didn’t like it enough to post.

It is the blogger’s prerogative not to post a sub-par post just to be posting daily, right?

Writing for me is about more than making sure I post daily.  I want there to be quality on the page when you arrive. I want there to be something of substance that will inspire and motivate you to do your best today.  I want there to be something that makes you stop to think more about something.

If I don’t have it, I decided at 3 am, then I won’t post it.  Not to worry, my goal is still to blog daily.

Have a wonderfully mindful Wednesday, my friends!

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