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26 Little Things

Have you ever wondered if something was so insignificant that it would suddenly start to hold significance?

Seriously, there are a million relatively insignificant things that happen to us, around us, through us, or with us every single day of our lives.  How do you know when something so trivial to you one moment might not be the most important thing in your world tomorrow or next week?

How do you know that the stranger you said hi to when you were walking your dogs won’t end up being your boss next year?  Or the car you let go in front of you at that stop light won’t be the car that averts a major accident?

We do things all day long—little things, sometimes big things, nice things and sometimes not so nice.  But do we appreciate the potential significance of each of them?

If I told you that 26 of the things you did yesterday made some difference, would you be able to pick out those 26 things or even remember having done them?

On any given day, there are likely at least 26 things you saw, heard, read, did, didn’t do, said, didn’t say, etc. that are significant.

What if we saw all of them as significant?  What if we knew that there would be 26 significant things to do today?  Would we pay more attention?  Would we be more present?  Would we be kinder or more compassionate?  Would we be more patient?

Want to try it with me?  Number a sheet of scratch paper from 1 to 26 and fill it in as you go through the day and let’s see what happens!

26 things

Today’s Daily Prompt was to write a post where the number 26 plays a role.

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